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Hello, welcome to my website!

I’m Dr. Elena Beltramo, a researcher curious to know, I love life, children, animals, I’m cheerful, I can always find a solution for everything; you know that famous downside… that’s my philosophy!

I’ve had a pretty complicated life to the point of getting seriously ill, not of cancer but of anorexia, which has the same overbearing tenacity.

I raised three children practically alone, Made many sacrifices and had to make money out of it. Years later I thank those moments because they allowed me to be the woman I am today but I assure you that at the time it seemed like hell.

As my children grew up I began to study different mental techniques and logics to understand myself, to evolve, to understand others and so on precisely because I wanted to heal and finally get out of the anorexia tunnel that, at that time, had not yet been diagnosed as a disease so there was no specific cure to get out of that destructive loop.

I worked very hard with myself, I got angry, I cried, sometimes I would get up, then I would fall back. It took me a while to find the right key to get into my brain and transform the input that blocked my life, but I made it and today I’m here to encourage those who are losing heart and believe they can’t do it anymore.

In the meantime I specialized and became Counselor Supervisor, Family Harmonian, I graduated in Psychology and I continue to cultivate passion as a Researcher of Spirituality and Soul.

I work at my Professional Studio where i soon work to help people relieve themselves of their complexities and facilitate their management.

To do this I use the method, born from my research, that transformed my life, the BRAIN POSITIVE PROGRAM®, which in 2001 allowed me to heal from anorexia at the end.

The day I healed, I chose to make myself available to others to help them feel better just as I was. Even today I’m happy to do this!

When I was sick I reasoned that there was a duality within me: one side wanted to live in full health and the other devastated me leading to death.
As I told you, I began to study the functioning of the human mind, especially mine, emotions and the formulation of thought.

I experienced on myself how to change that part of my brain that kept coming against me, until I was able to change deep beliefs.

From that moment I started to feel better until full recovery.

I want to make this method known with all my heart because every day my customers, with their improvements and satisfactions, confirm the effectiveness of the BRAIN POSITIVE PROGRAM®.

That’s why I organized a course to teach professionals how to use the method well at their locations around the world.

Instead, for those who want to get out of the loop of an inconclusive life, poor and without affection and appropriate enthusiasm, joy and freedom, in addition to individual sessions, I have prepared a special path to learn Method Number One for ALWAYS BE GOOD ® based on my experience and results. A very useful technique to become and be optimistic, enjoy life and attract the positive.

I’d be happy to help you too and transfer my philosophy of life.

Smiles, Dr. Elena Beltramo


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