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Elena Beltramo: For a new Emotional Well-being

Is there a way to bring the smile back to your heart? Finding peace with yourself? Winning evil with good?

The story of Elena Beltramo – counselor supervisor, family harmoniser and operator of Bio-Naturali disciplines who operates in Turin – is in itself the best positive response: sick with anorexia, at the terminal stage, reacted to this inexorable disease, believed in the power of his thought and in life.

Elena Beltramo today spends herself on helping others, who ever wants, to get out of their emotional tunnel, whether it’s anorexia or any other more or less serious discomfort. “In my quest to heal,” he explains, “I devised the Brain Positive Program method® which allows us to modify, improve and sometimes eliminate, the negative emotions that result from the uncomfortable perception of a given situation 0 person.

Elena BeltramoThis system breaks down neurocognitive patterns quickly, delicately and decisively, in order to achieve an optimistic formulation of thoughts and sensations. I firmly believe that inner resources, if expressed, allow everyone to live a “new emotional well-being”.

For this reason, i soon research, every day, at my private practice and I support training institutions with the MEB master’s degree (Elena Beltramo Method) dedicated to psychologists, psychotherapists, psychiatrists and counselors.
Let us win evil together with good: I am waiting for you.”

Smiles of joy
Dr Elena Beltramo

Star Always Good's Secret

Edited by Paola M. Bevilacqua

I interviewed Dr. Elena Beltramo who made national headlines recently for her brain positive program.

Always look goodGood morning, are you going to tell us about you?
Willingly, I graduated in Psychological Techniques and Sciences and I am Counselor Supervisor in the help report, in order to give a better service with more skills and ownership.

I heard her during our chat saying this sentence several times: Staying well is one thing, Star always Good is another, does she explain it?
Yes, this is my philosophy of life. I start from the principle that if we all want to be happy and feel good, it means that we have the right to live with these requirements forever. Those who say that happiness lasts little tell a lie to themselves in order not to commit to improving or changing things in their daily lives.

That is, do you believe in homo faber, that is, in man who is the architect of his own destiny, capable of changing, creating, transforming, adapting the environment to his own needs?
Yes, each of us must be an active part in our lives and not suffer supinely, We consider a situation: Being happy means Star Always Well and vice versa Star always good leads to being happy.
From the way he speaks, he seems to have had some problems in the past.
Yes, and I struggled and I never gave up. With this concept I managed to emerge victorious from anorexia at the end stage. I was dying but I didn’t really want to give up, I knew I couldn’t end my days like this. At the time, anorexia had not yet been recognized and diagnosed by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders as a disease, so I found no cure.
What a dramatic situation…
There were only two alternatives: to die or to remain under the influence of psychopharmaceuticals. At that point I became engaged with myself and began to study my operation and experiment on myself various practices to manage, modify and improve my destructive perceptions. With such determination I was able to heal completely on my own.
I’d say she’s done it now she’s skinny but she’s not too skinny and she’s well-looking and in perfect shape. So after you’ve successfully tested your method, what happened?
Since then I have decided to dedicate myself to others and, using my knowledge, I have been helping people to improve their lives and vitality for 17 years.

The method I generated is based on new formulations and concepts that, triggered through a specific code, are able to enrich the memory of new mental representations useful to restore serenity.
A path that can be carried out chorally?
No, through an individual path the Brain Positive Program accompanies people to Star Always Well, in all facets of life, to enhance personal skills and to succeed. Improvement is constant and lasting, vitality and joy take the place of sadness and every problem is easier to deal with and to solve.

So can everyone, disabled, elderly, men and women still participate?
Yes. I invite you to experience it at least once and to participate in the seminar to learn Star Always Well!

Interview by Paola M. Bevilacqua