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How to reach inner paradise and shine in the world.

To be happy, take away the words “if only” and replace them with the words “next time.
(Smiley Blanton)

If only I had had different parents….

If only I hadn’t married my husband…

If only my employer could understand me…

If only my wife would cuddle me…

If only I had studied…

How many regrets do you have?… how much resentment towards someone you hold responsible for your happiness?… How many things have you not done or experienced because you were waiting for the ideal situation?…

Have you ever wondered how much responsibility you have in all this? Have you ever wondered if you could have done something and hijacked things differently?…

You know, I used to think like that. I found it easy to rest on the responsibility of others… I believed that all the misfortunes had happened to me and that I was a victim of the system, of the circumstances, of the family…

EVERYTHING IS GOT WORSE, my life has collapsed into the abyss, an inexorable disease was devouring me, drying, turning off… a disease that started from my mind, it wasn’t a virus, a bacterium or a tumor… it was my mind… it was anorexia that arrived at the end stage… and there I realized that the external environment no longer mattered, I WAS THE ARTIST OF WHAT I LIVED!

I began to stop at things, to observe my behavior, my thoughts… I began to realize that there was something inside me that was jamming the mechanism towards happiness…

I stopped, I started to look at myself, I started analyzing myself.

I began above all to take over the 50 of responsibilities that belonged to me and of which I was absolutely the owner and responsible.

I guarantee you that it was not easy, I had become the worst enemy of myself: very critical, severe, demanding, never happy with my choices and speeches, never satisfied with what I was doing, in short I considered myself a disaster…

How many of you have had the same thing happen?… how many of you are thinking the same thing about yourself?… How many of you are really proud of yourself in totality?…

Yet, in all this negative consideration, I was equally convinced that I was worth it and that I had unique and special qualities, but I could not bring them out and, even sadder, the results did not give reason to my positive convictions.

I was really at a crossroads between life and death, I had no choice and I had to take the “bull by the horns”… I had to look straight into my eyes and bravely accept the deep duality that lived in me, especially that part that was leading me to death.

So I realized that I absolutely had to focus on that inner strength that was wreaking havoc on me and that didn’t allow me to live the life I wanted. That part is the unconscious, that is, the one that represents our 95 against the 5 of conscious that is able to control and decide in autonomy and rationality.

But what is the unconscious really?

Like Freud, I too understood that the unconscious is the expression of lived realities, especially in childhood, that are projected into the present constituting the only reality. He has no past and future, he does not know the no, he does not think, he has no intelligence of his own and he has no logic. He can contradict himself at any time.

I also understood that the unconscious has a vital function for our survival, it warns us when we approach a dangerous situation for us according to our memories, our history.

It is precisely these memories and alarm bells that all too often cause inappropriate and inappropriate reactions that destabilize and alter relationships and social dynamics.

So I realized that I had to intervene on my 95 and modify the engraved memories so that I could live in balance. Those memories I could very well overcome with the maturity of the moment, integrate them with new positive experiences that brought peace to my heart.

But how to do it?

I realized that to optimize all the experiences I would have to live 5 lives and, perhaps, I would achieve a great balance, but I did not have all that time, my life was ending, the time left was very short.

So I created the way to generate the experience and hasten the integration process.

I made it and I gave life to the Brain Positive Program that allowed me to completely heal from anorexia at the end stage and regenerate my memories until I get to be the Woman that I am with happiness in my heart that grows more and more every day!

The essential steps I have done and that I teach in my seminars for Star Always Good and be Happy are as follows:

  1. Making peace with yourself
  2. Humbly recognize the fields to be improved
  3. Working with determination on yourself
  4. Feeding on positivity: food, time, companies
  5. Focusing on personal progress by attending courses and seminars to learn more and more methods for self-treatment

No other pleasure is greater than peace (Buddha)

Peace with oneself is a process that arises when you decide to change things.

Change within yourself to change the outside world and situations.

The best way for me to start was to look in the mirror and look for the positives of my appearance, my eyes and discover that I am a masterpiece of nature.

I invite you to do the same but without judgment, without looking for defects but objectively observing the miracle that you are: Pause even now and realize that you are breathing independently, and your heart pumps blood all over your body with the right pressure to let it flow from head to toe and vice versa.

You are also a miracle, wonderful creatures. This is enough to begin to make peace with oneself and look at oneself with different and less critical eyes.


Whenever we try to be better than we are, even everything around us becomes better (Paulo Coelho)

Here it is good to put black on white all the things that do not like themselves but also the strengths that one possesses, was even just make good coffee or a dry pasta. (example of Marilena at The Meditation of the Heart to the exercise “Know Your Essence: Who You Are”)

From external feedback you can learn a good lesson to capture the perception that others have of you and analyze why those impressions, what inputs and behaviors generated to give rise to opinions contrary to what you believe of you.

(don’t say: here’s this point I have to make my husband read so it changes)


If we don’t change, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow up, we don’t really live. (Anatole France)

This point is fundamental to “healing the soul”.

When I was sick I realized that alone I only got to a certain point, I needed someone else’s help to get out of it.

I started studying many books on psychology, growth and personal evolution, attended many courses to learn methodologies to apply to myself, and exercised a lot.

My only goal was to heal!

I invested a lot of time and money and that’s why I felt compelled with my conscience to myself, I was doing everything I could to help save myself.

But I realized that what I was doing and learning was never enough, I could never completely eliminate the complexities that gripped me, I was never quite serene and happy enough, I didn’t have the results I wanted.

At some point, after acquiring a considerable amount of knowledge and research, I began to experiment on myself, on myself, new protocols, new codes dictated by my feeling and the emotional movements that I felt change within myself.

The extreme work I did led me to complete healing, and today I am here to invite you to devote time to yourself, to let you guide and help you, to work with determination on you to reach inner heaven and shine in the world.

I believe I am the right person to help you achieve the inner balance and wisdom that belongs to you, you can decide to participate in my seminars and I will be happy to lead you into your light.


Take good care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live. (Jim Rohn)

After following the previous steps comes the time to take care of yourself.

It is necessary to learn to feed on healthy habits, develop self discipline, food good food and good rest.

It is important to focus on quality of life, on being and not on having, on learning to know and love one another. Also refresh the soul of relaxing music and take time to do the things you like to nourish the soul.


My philosophy of life is based on the principle that Star Always Good makes you happy, where ALWAYS makes a difference and the consequence is happiness.

Walt Disney said that if we can dream it then we can realize it and I say that if we were happy even a second of our lives, then we can be forever!

We have this right as a birthright!

We acquire this by always questioning ourselves, focusing on personal progress, working on their dark sides to change them, taking as an example those who admire themselves by being guided through courses and seminars to learn more and more methodical and become examples to imitate and headlights in the night.

We are all magnificent beings, endowed with extraordinary qualities obscured by the adversity of life. These same hostilities limit your beauty and brightness.

I would be happy to be able to guide you to your inner paradise, to see you live a life where you are “Always” Well and you are Happy…
I did it, I’m here, I’m an example of how the Universe helps us and how it is possible to live like this! If you want, you can participate in the seminar where I will train you to achieve this goal.


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