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ANTI PANICO AEREO course by Dr Elena Beltramo

“One of the greatest discoveries a man can make, one of his biggest surprises, is to find out that he can do what he was afraid he couldn’t do.”

Every year thousands of people travel all over the world.

Travel represents culture, knowledge, knowledge of other points of view and habits. Travel enriches the spirit and the mind. Travel opens new doors and ideas. Travel evolves the thought and vision of the world. Travel is development and joy. Travel brings affection sour and strengthens knowledge. Travel is the expansion of the soul.

Unfortunately, 54 of the Italians are afraid to fly and you miss these wonderful opportunities.

It’s a shame!

For this reason, Dr Elena Beltramo has developed a specific path to overcome aereophobia or aviophobia that allows everyone to benefit from this personal heritage and never give up the excitement of a trip again!

The course is as follows:

  1. Theoretical part. Videos and interactive modules for fast learning
  2. Classroom training. Six hours of practice for effective in-flight self-treatment

The topics covered are:

  1. “Technical aspects of flight”
  2. “False myths” about flying and planes
  3. The psychological aspect
  4. Teaching a range of effective techniques and strategies to manage and overcome the fear of flying
  5. Classroom simulations

Dr Elena Beltramo , Counselor Supervisor, creator of the Method SSB Commander Enrico Maranzana , Pilot Alitalia






Date and Place: The next air borne-anti-panic course will be the 02-06-2019 Turin

“If you want something you’ve never had, you’ve got to do something you’ve never done”
Thomas Jefferson, Thomas


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