Experiences: How I started the Brain Positive Program®

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I lived through periods of life full of peace and joy, then happened the unexpected, a shock, an invasion that terrified me, an abuse that took away my freedom… that marked me.

I began to cry, to close myself in myself, to be nervous and grumpy. Friends didn’t recognize me anymore. The sweet, innocent and shy little girl was gone. All of a sudden I had turned into a rebel misunderstood by everyone and it doesn’t happen in her pain and tragedy.

It was the worst thing, don’t be believed. It marked me most of all, I felt alone in the world, without shelter, without family, abandoned to my destiny, without help, a comfort, a hand.
I felt lost!

The ogre who violated my innocence had done very well by leaving me in the pillory as if I were an egocentric looking for hype at the expense of others. But it wasn’t, the truth was mine, my only…

Demoralization took over and immediately after the depression he did the rest.

The loneliness I felt mixed with despair and disappointment, towards my family, caused in me the tremendous anorexia that began to devour me inside.

With highs and lows mixed with deep depression, euphoria and bulimia, anorexia accompanied me for years to collapse where, with another strong shock of another nature, I came to the point of death without any hope of life.

In 1999 I had no cure to get out of it, this eating disorder was not considered a disease and I continued not to be believed by doctors just as in adolescence for the abuse suffered, therefore further pain.

I fought for a living and I won!

I studied my operation, I experimented with various ways to manage and improve destructive emotional perceptions, until I made it!
I’m completely healed!

Today I dedicate myself to helping those who suffer emotionally, to find themselves and to make peace with life.

The results are surprising, permanent and give joy and peace. I use the same protocol that saved me and that for so many years has helped thousands of people feel good.

The method that the disease has given me is the Brain Positive Program®.
When we say the flip side, it has been a blessing for me that still benefits today.

“To treasure all evil, is the motivation that leads to understanding”

I wish you the same benefits as I have from suffering… and it will become your strong point for you and for others.

See you soon… Smiles
Dr Elena Beltramo

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